The temptation of the golden week lets you become 100 change young woman

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Examine primitive picture

6Day: It is sunshine bright, dress up like the princess oneself, should go accompanying father mother to attend a family to meet that, the girl always is clever before family, the dress of purple department lets him be not broken decorous, of hairpin foil let oneself have temperament more oh ~~

Examine primitive picture

7Day: Will want to go to work again tomorrow, conscientiously is adjusted in the home, put on the most comfortable long small unlined upper garment lets him be in in the simplest small skirt and white lie fallow easily to spend ~~~ of final a day of holiday in the home

Holiday ended, see a picture, can be joy, fast arrange feeling, adjust oneself, will continue to set out tomorrow ~~~ now.. wishs ~~~~ of all friend holiday joy again

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