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The player of MP3 of type of lumbar leather belt that shows off you appears

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There was a manufacturer to roll out a chatelaine to regard IPod as the accessory of the player before remembering this, in the chamfer that when using, puts IPod into leather belt clip but. And the ” of player of MP3 of “ leather belt that we see today is a be worthy of the name however.

On appearance, it is a common leather belt, and actually inside it compositive player of a MP3, when broadcasting music, leather belt head can twinkle, altogether has head of 4 kinds of different leather belt to offer an alternative. When need downloads song to perhaps charge, through USB interface and computer join can undertake.

The design of so rich originality makes a person open horizon really, nevertheless, current, player of MP3 of this leather belt still is in phase of deal in generalities, the meeting after perhaps the manufacturer sees has production, perhaps we won't see this product becomes reality forever.

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