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Belt of Taipei cable train wagon ruptures 300 much people are impending be baked

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[dragon tiger net reports] new net of China cable industry reports according to Taiwan media 21 days afternoon 4 when 50 minutes, taipei " feline sky is telpher " because leather belt ruptures,cause telpher stop sail. Taipei nimble carries the company lets railroad car pass a station with the means of artificial elapse, add up to is scattered by the 323 passengers that amount to 2 hours tiredly in sky. That evening feline cable stops sail, accept technician personnel inspection.

Till 22 days feline cable test run is finished midday, just restore have transport service.

Nimble carries the company shows, make an appointment with that day afternoon 4 when 50 minutes, between the station inside the zoo and zoo " corner stands " , because drive wheel breakdown loses power, engineering personnel is present discover cannot instantly repair, one hour hind is telpher with every second 1 meter extremely slow fast means runs. In all many 300 57 railroad car, passenger is hanged high in sky, the high temperature that bears 38 ℃ is baked bask in. Taipei nimble carries the company starts urgent rescuing way, besides nearby scattered passenger, when telpher course corner stands, with artificial means will telpher elapse stands too, used fare of 2 hours of ability general all and scattered be over.

Feline cable railroad car is a person early to denounce sultrily, increase boreal municipality high temperature amounts to 38 ℃ afternoon, suffer strand telpher tourist to complain again and again. Taipei city health bureau fears passenger heatstroke greatly, urgent rescuing group also assign cure protects personnel and ambulance, carry an a bit to be driven toward the spot on call, and engineering personnel also has climbed go up, those who have a part change.

Issued telpher people to be in a towering rag, complain again and again, even seek redress. A little little sister gives in railroad car be heated up bad, produce the case that breathes difficulty, urgent attune comes to the spot respirator has first aid.

To getting the compensation that surrounds a passenger, nimble motion company besides return a ticket, plus cable of two pieces of cats take ticket, and leave a phone still can offer in the future other and condolatory, do not cross the people or fury of unpleasant attack by surprise, the quarrelling sound is ceaseless.

Taipei mayor Hao Longbin appeared personally yesterday afternoon apology, the list of chasten of employee of city seat of government that publishs a 7 people at the same time, want Yang Xian of Taipei city deputy secretary-general to lose a superintend and director to guide not the responsibility of week.

Setting data: "Feline cable " cost 1.3 billion

Taiwan cat sky is telpher the headroom that is carry of first degrees of battalion of Taipei city is telpher, bear masses is carried with carry brace up the double mission of sightseeing, resource of join, integrated circumjacent and different sightseeing and tourist attraction, make brand-new green tourism group.
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