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Brand leather belt every 3 yuan?

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Industrial and commercial remind: Brand merchandise views consumer purchase first " 3 card "

Report from our correspondent (He Jian of reporter Cao Xiaorong's reporter) brand leather belt every price 3 yuan? Are you believed? Tell you, leather belt of these so called brand fasten tort leather belt! Recently, because the Chen Mou of Zhejiang smooth this world is suspected of sell tort leather belt and be being investigated by put on record of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Industrial and commercial personnel warns customer, purchase brand merchandise should look first " 3 card " .
On November 9, stiff city is industrial and commercial be executed the law personnel is in go on a tour of inspection, discovery faces south 2 streets are displaying leather belt of a lot of and well-known trademark inside commercial firm of some management leather belt. Should execute the law requirement merchant Chen Mou takes out personnel to allow to sell brand leather belt relevant data, he fumbles, take a long time do not come out the data of relevant and lawful sale, execute the law personnel is checked lawfully at once buckle the leather belt inside its inn.
Via checking, these leather belt are suspected of tort entirely, encroach among them " 241029 " date patent rights of registered trade mark " LV " leather belt 490, encroach " G628886 " date patent rights of registered trade mark " DG " leather belt 389. Occupy Chen Mou to explain, these leather belt were on November 2 come to promote a person from over there with every to 2.6 yuan not equal in value case is bought 2.5 yuan, sell with every 3 yuan price next piece. To case hair, chen Mou already sold piece " LV " leather belt 100, "DG " leather belt 111.
Be versed in business personnel reminds, consumer buys brand merchandise to had better taste a boutique to the name, and nurturance looks " 3 card " habit, see brand register card namely (Xerox) , see brand use accredit book (original) , see manufacturing business business license (Xerox) wait for relevant data with distributors business charter.

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