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On tiger mouth fasten road of Dou Wen of " of new " leather belt becomes solidde

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Howl of Li Fengchun Chen Yu mirrors our newspaper special correpondent beautiful photography report

On August 30 midday, face of tiger mouth Duan Lu is shattered 100 meters by Min Jiangshui, cause the Dou Wen road that is about to pass through to receive a setback again. Yesterday afternoon, amount to mouth of tiger of decisive battle of car of many 50 project, the bitumen dump of boiling hot of one car vehicle is on the new bed after closure, 1000 tons bitumen gave tiger mouth fasten to get on new " black leather belt " , the road surface that has spread afresh not only beautiful and smooth, and before comparing solidder unobstructed.

Much at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to spot of tiger mouth rush to repair again, the nervous atmosphere photograph that with eve domestic Min Jiang Ji sheds is compared, right now here already " relaxed " a lot of, one receives car of a bitumen busy dump laid, after closure, wayside Min Jiang Yi is old feral, but of radical of satisfy the need erode already greatly abate, fork-lift truck carry comes body of many all directions, by bulldozer slowly push in the river, and firmly lock is in clastic rock, held back torrent further erode force.

Save road bridge group in spot commanding all the time Zhang Jie discloses 3 company vise general manager say, come because of flood season Shui Taimeng, original road is shattered, and the short of Wenshui River that expects access day and night plain common people already cannot wait again go down, for this, a few their branches meet collect person car, do not divide rush to repair of day and night. Yesterday morning, the reporter looks far, if the new road surface of tiger mouth is plunged into with a leather belt beside half way up the mountain. "We throw car of many 50 project, rush to repair of the same night 50 hours, a section of a highway that be shattered restores already completely. " passed at 7 o'clock towards evening yesterday, piece leaked this one good news.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter is informed, the profiled bar dragon that complete Guan Daqiao is swept also has been filled, abutment already was stayed in firmly, undertaking farther consolidate. "Common people of plain of this short of Wenshui River raises his head and look day and night expected big channel, be open to traffic already can be expected soon. " busy on the building site of Dou Wen road of two many months, the workers that already were basked in darkly say excitedly.

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