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Chinese water army defeat 3 Asias to record shark leather belt to come overnight

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Does record of Asia of “ of report of morning paper Beijing calculate a what? You can believe ” , is this the summary word after Chinese natant team ends the contest first days?

Right, be in at least the ” of “ water cubic metre yesterday, suffer desolate “ China fully all the time water army ” indeed arrogant. Between one night, 3 Asias record dies. And leading role people wear on the body, just change the swimsuit of ” of “ shark skin on just about.

Man player Zhang Lin broke the Asian record of project of 400 meters of crawl, and with preliminary contest the 2nd achievement enters today's final. Want to know, discharge those who be at the back of him back to include Piao Taihuan of Korea famous general and champion of Australian Olympic Games to breath out gram spy.

Give prize likewise with Zhang Lin, still have Zhou Yafei of butterfly stroke famous general, 57 seconds the good achievement of 7, not only let her be in woman in preliminary contest of 100 meters of butterfly stroke enter smoothly close, at the same time also the under one's name Asian record him classify.

Bigger surprise still is from the back, although lacked Yang Yu of Zhejiang famous general, but the group of relay of crawl of woman 4X100 rice that leaves silver medal in the Ceng Zhai on Athenian Olympic Games with 3 minutes of 36 seconds the achievement with one action of 78 breaks Asian record, be in all taking part in the match side by side the first of the team. Zhu Ying article, Tang Yi, Xu Yanwei and 4 people combination of Pang Jiaying also become “ China water army ” seizes gold the biggest to nod.

Allege all the time before this nevertheless the China that Beijing Olympic Games does not have the dot that seize gold swims Zhang Yadong of team total coach or sprinkled a cold water ahead of schedule: Fine athlete compares “ and foreign country, our player often needs to be in preliminary contest hammer and tongs, the taking of achievement still basically relies on an athlete at ordinary times assiduous training, the swimsuit is exterior condition only. ”

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