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From pull " of " leather belt to begin to give birth to Zhang Juan for the arrow

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On August 14, in final of individual of woman of archery of Beijing Olympic Games, chinese player Zhang Juan beautifuls with 110 plainer than player of Korea of 109 annulus conquer Cheng Xian, win championship.

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This is a victory that yielded Chinese archery team to await 24 years. From 1984 the regret of the Li Lingjuan on los angeles Olympic Games picks silver to begin, team of Chinese woman archery resembles is foot of the stop that be manacled by demon cuss, be apart from champion to always need one step every time, especially on game of team of Olympic Games of the Athens 4 years ago by Korea team one annulus exceeds instead, more make team of Chinese woman archery is affixed " pathos hero " label.

The Beijing after 4 years, chinese team loses Korea to bend Ju Yajun again on team game. On individual contest, guo Dan of two young players, Chen Ling is washed out in succession, only Zhang Juan beautifuls one person is entered 8 strong. Quarterfinal, the adversary that Zhang Juan beautifuls is Korea player Zhu Xianzhen, she won; Semifinals is opposite Yin Yuji of player of a world record holder, Korea, she won again. The adversary of finals is Piao Chengxian of player of the champion that defend crown, Korea.

Finals begins, rain falls all the time.

The first arrow, zhang Juan beautiful is hitting the target with the bugle of 10 annulus blow of the heart. But in air cooling " Han " flow likewise biting, 9 annulus, 10 annulus, 10 annulus, after 3 arrows pass, piao Chengxian with 29 than beautiful of 26 banner Zhang Juan 3 annulus.

After 6 arrows pass, zhang Juan beautiful narrows difference to 2 annulus, but the dawn that she right now still did not see a victory. Adversary is honest too powerful. Archery project is Korean the world all the time. From 1984 since los angeles Olympic Games, korea female archer never accidentally drop passes, they created one doughty " archery is Caesarean " , and plain Cheng Xianzheng is Korea archery " town curtilage treasure " . 4 years ago, decisive battle of Sino-South Korean Athens, the match undertakes last arrow, korea team shoots 10 hoop only, otherwise gold will put in Chinese team 's charge all. The last arrow that is Piao Chengxian is shot broke the dream seizing gold of Chinese arrow hand.

"I hold to to my saying, hold to, hold to again, abandon anything but. " Zhang Juan beautifuls insist to let her win a favourable turn. Be in 3 arrows are subsequently medium, piao Chengxian only quiver 26 annulus, and Zhang Juan beautifuls a quiver 29 annulus, in order to precede the achievement of 1 annulus is entered finally 3 arrows decide the issue of the battle.

Last arrow of Piao Chengxian ends with 10 annulus, right now score is 101 than 109, zhang Juan beautiful must shoot ability of 9 annulus above to gain the championship. Hesitant without a bit, beautiful beautiful Zhang Gong, build an arrow, aim at, skill, benefit arrow breaks through pluvial act to fly to bull's eye, 9 annulus! The spot boiled, piao Chengxian buries the face in towel deeply, attendant the Korea reporter that interview is dumbfounded.
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