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The weekday on report of reporter Peng Lei Sangpuduoliya 3 than 2 beat Leijina, forward of 28 years old Fulaji is the oldest hero undoubtedly, in 3 years old spot boost the morale of of the daughter falls, he performed cap magic. People contends for contest hind to ask him to sign, all scene scene aimed him.

Football career of Fulaji begins Yufoluolunsa, this had done the caddie, youth that has fought together with Badisituda to welcome his success eventually for Ba Qiao. Fulaji appears 4 years old in training field, he just accompanies father in those days. Father Zhan

Paul ever was left back of Pulatuo, had become a coach later. In father the influence falls, fulaji very hour football is plunged into deeply in his heart. "There is not kickball when I am not had, the game is put in TV every time, I won't be let off, no matter be the dally of the amateur or formal match. " in Fulaji in the heart, how-to he is on football viatic father is him most the person that appreciate, although football career of father because of grandfather stubborn fail to promote.

6 years old begin, fulaji enters a football to learn alignment to arrive 12 years old, his childhood total expenditure is on kickball, subsequently he joins Foluolunsa formally. "Originally I am to be in the uncle's company to take on goods keeper, if really difficult imagination does not have a football my life will be what appearance. " during effectiveness of Sa of Buddha Luo Lun, fulaji found his other in part. A day he goes store of a clothing purchases leather belt, the clerk covers with tiles accept of human relations the base of a fruit is fan of Sa of Buddha Luo Lun, identified Fulaji naturally. Accept of the base of a fruit hit tile human relations to fold not only, even oneself also " send " gave Fulaji.

When 24 years old, fulaji comes to Renaya, draped blue battle gown, guide in his nowadays below, sangpuduoliya is discharged in the 5th, very hopeful appear in European competition ground, "I want to thank my wife, it is she gives me greatest encouragement for years so. Still have my father and mother, farther-in-law mother-in-law. " after contest, ba Zani of the partner before be being mixed in friend dimension Ye calls congratulation in succession, this is to let Fulaji touch unceasingly, he expresses modestly: "The victory is not my contribution, it is the achievement of all teammate joint efforts. I hope to be able to be here to fight for a long time jointly with them. I hope to be able to be here to fight for a long time jointly with them..

Not pull base say frankly, a few this years his sharp edge line has had Bazani, Malaqina, Kelongbo and Liu Zedui in partner or competitor, he had faded out of brunt battle array slowly even. "I removed a few conditions inside period of time really, but recently 5 years, two teacher offer me very great help. Church blocking the Buddhist nun my tactics consciousness, tell me how to become an outstanding player. And church of Nuo of Nuo dimension benefit how do I continue to advance. These year I am known should comply with the coach's direct, if perform the one act of cap magic to happen in me 20 years old, I think I can be at a loss. I think I can be at a loss..
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