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Bazaar steals leather belt vanity daughter is caught

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Dispatch of day hill net (settleclear reed of Nie Yong poplar reports reporter Rao Junhua) recently, in the Chen Ye of square of Urumqi city people the name tastes square inside inn of one high-quality goods, small thin silk of 24 years old of women (alias) took a fancy to a modern leather belt, for vanity she actually spirit away leather belt, unexpectedly by on the spot nab.

Small thin silk tells a people's police, her home is Shan Shan, for fast " make money " , place is in all the time before her " KTV " " sit stage " . A few days ago, she shops to Urumqi, before coming, she did the false diploma of some university diploma first, say to relatives and friends she applies for a job to black city.

On June 19 morning, small thin silk strolls to Chen Ye the name tastes square. Ground of her in spirits is rambling, this dress also likes, that dress also lets her fondle admiringly, but the price of the dress get on 1000 yuan at every turn, cheap it may not be a bad idea hundreds of, she is forced to leave angrily. In ramble when to high-grade name tastes inn, settle on of small thin silk a very modern leather belt, she tries will try go feeling special to suit oneself, can see the value, she hesitated: "1080, so expensive? So expensive??

Small thin silk feels hundreds of yuan of money in the pocket, look up and down all around, feel how the assistant didn't notice to oneself, below vanity cause trouble, small thin silk opens umbrella of the sun in the hand, stay in posse of leather belt roll into with sun umbrella cloak quickly, leave high-quality goods inn to go forth next.

The assistant discovers leather belt disappeared, chase after to small thin silk rapidly, small thin silk sees behavior discloses, threw leather belt rest below the flowerpot after seat. The assistant calls up to ensure public security, twist small thin silk together sent east door police station.

Current, small thin silk already was detained.

School gives a people's police east: Small thin silk this kind of behaviour is caused because of love vanity completely, she is not willing to pass oneself effort, him labor and proper channel to obtain money, choose however " sit stage " " make money " , this cannot be taken, when vanity cannot get satisfaction, she carried out larcenous behavior again. Remind those to want reap without sowing youth " gentleman loves money, those who take have " , do not walk up break the law, guilty road.

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