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"Free lottery " in one leather belt spreads out advocate accept old man forcedly

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Morning publication dispatch (reporter Yan Chuanfei) the legerdemain pattern of cheater 100, on April 24, sui brook police discovers a kind again " free lottery " new deceitful trick, police reminds broad masses to not want to be deceived.
On April 24, 2008, be worth Sui brook county annual 18 meetings met in March the day of the meeting, passerby of hill of sea route of the Huaihe River, tiger is like wave. In tiger hill road " lottery game " before stall, an old man of 6 a period of ten days that comes from the country gets " free lottery " alluring, very agitato smoked, special " lucky " ground win a prize in a lottery, smoke a leather belt. Old man just wanted to take away leather belt, booth advocate blocked him: "This leather belt is worth originally of 229, 60 money send you now! 60 money send you now!!
A very common leather belt wants 60 money unexpectedly, old man is not willing, should " return money " , spread out the growl of master stern in voice and countenance: "Do not want to also be no good, who lets your lottery! " fill in a leather belt toughly in old man hand. The left and right sides still has two women edge to push old man, the edge persuades: "Handed in money to go, do not cause a trouble! " old man knew to be duped, be obliged to admit hapless.
Fortunately, month of bright of the Liu Ling that the process that old man is decieved is patrolled by Sui river police station, Zhao sees, they allow fry batter in a thin layer advocate the money that returned old man, right booth advocate undertook handling.

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