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Closed will build an Asia the longest carriage leather belt

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Yesterday (7 days) in the morning, company of China embellish cement and France of international industry tycoon are happy Bell Leiyi the company undertakes in Zhaoqing limestone carries skin to take corridor project autograph to arrange a ceremony, the plan invests nearly 800 million yuan, construction is as long as of 40 kilometers " the first skin of Asian leads corridor " , force protects next year of item of this one cement to ignite as scheduled first half of the year put into production, become on the west the cement with river the most large-scale drainage area produces base.

China embellish cement is Guangdong province 2008 one of priority discipline, head period invest build of 1.7 billion HK dollar 2 new-style product line of cement of dry method kiln coming back, project plan ignited first half of the year 2009 put into production, duty can be achieved after put into production 160 million yuan. (editor: Zheng Yan Dan)

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