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Horse hair leather belt is mad wild faddish

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Taiwan Strait net on January 16 dispatch (reporter He Shufang) horse hair leather belt is a new expression. Current Nian Qiudong is costly when creed is faddish, flix takes the horse to go up with its nobility class is occupational leather belt market, mad the style that wild temperament will bring you absolutely wallop.

The reporter rambled yesterday elegant the horse hair leather belt that the inn such as color of vogue of Ling of soft, red, goatherd, beautiful discovered to each have distinguishing feature, get ablaze style in order to set to give prize most among them, this and luxuriant in the winter this year fashionable photograph be identical. And of horse hair coriaceous can show class adequately, so the bosses of a lot of foreign trade inn entered such leather belt from Ou Rihan, almost everyday fashionable young woman comes round to buy. Every price is in 150 - 200 yuan between.

Such horse hair leather belt suits to plunge into most outside sweater, have massiness feeling already, very grab an eye, recommend everybody to choose the nigger-brown of joker.

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