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Full automatic manipulator is leather belt conveyer " correct an error "

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Workshop of a lot of factories uses leather belt conveyer, but the leather belt in moving often sideslip, leather belt is normal service life shortens accordingly. Hubei is complete the leather belt conveyer that research and development of limited company of science and technology gives is full automatic just right of plant of correct an error solved this marijuana irritated.

Leather belt conveyer is full automatic device of correct an error, say the skin takes manipulator of automatic correct an error again, this product began batch production 2001, last year just new applied for a product among them a patent. This unit is main by adjust bracket, linkage mechanism and installation to the arm bracket that establishs roller is comprised.

Adjust connecting rod connection is used between bracket and arm bracket, adjust bracket to be able to rotate when leather belt deflection, make leather belt returns to normal automatically thereby moving orbit, achieve the goal of automatic correct an error. The spot does not need to start work artificially, reduced labor intensity, more the happening that reduced person to harm an accident. In the meantime, because reduced leather belt attaint, avulsion phenomenon, can reduce cost, raise economic benefits.

Complete controller of company of science and technology introduces, the product of leather belt correct an error on the market needs to be held artificially mostly accuse, although partial product also uses automatic device, but need uses outside force (electric power or hydraulic pressure) , and the motivation of this company product originates conveyer belt itself.

Current, this product already was sold wait for city of more than 10 provinces toward Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Anhui, Chongqing, basically use at the industry such as coal, mine, metallurgy, electric power, cement, one year sale is controlled in 10 million yuan.

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