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Tian Jiaan generates electricity broken solution difficult problem of craft of a

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This is in domestic power industry is the first has certain promotion value to oil, chemical industry

Report of this Han Yunfeng of net dispatch reporter a craft is improved, solved difficult problem of adhesive bonding of leather belt transporting coal. Initiate of power plant of hut of home of the cropland austral big Tang Huai " pouring law " craft of adhesive bonding leather belt, improve adhesive bonding technology, process of whole adhesive bonding uses 2 hours only, adhesive bonding of more original the law that stick apply, working hours shortens nearly 3 hours. Rubber cement fill enters juncture in, with former leather belt the knot synthesizes whole, adhesive bonding of the place that rip a mouth is close together, without owe a head. End on March 17, first pouring leather belt course is successive of 2 months move obtained expect the result. This is returned in domestic power industry is the first.
At present commonly used leather belt transporting coal is domestic ammunition power plant commonly 5 nylon canvas and fluctuation two rubber cover. In moving process, mix when occurrence damaged fore-and-aft when tearing off, need undertakes adhesive bonding to leather belt. Power plant of domestic most ammunition is used all the time local the law that stick apply. This kind of method can the working face of adhesive bonding leather belt, and opened leather belt and new adhesive bonding leather belt must pass burnish, clean, the much talk working procedure such as gelatinize, drying, the program is trival, overhaul time is long. The leather belt after adhesive bonding is in moving process, place of its adhesive bonding is swept easily implement, plow coal implement the machinery such as blade is blown piece owe a head, repeat attaint odds big.
To capture after leather belt adhesive bonding have the difficult problem that owes a head easily, prolong leather belt service life as far as possible. Tian Jiaan power plant divides personnel of a manufacturing backbone, technology and personnel of team and group to give priority to with lighting carry, composition tackles key problem group, tackle key problem from the technology and equipment safety stabilizes two levels, undertake tackling key problem cooperation. Improve method of leather belt adhesive bonding undertake tackling key problem as key task, concern data feasibility research through spot survey and home, on foundation of imitating test success, the decision is adopted " pouring law " adhesive bonding leather belt. Be calculated accurately and hold adhesive bonding position, use advanced technology to hit wool, decontamination, dry, joining together seams a design to be " V " model groove, solidify 3 after coming 4 hours, can throw use.
It is reported, by this factory initiate " pouring law " , caused the attention of industry of electric power, oil, chemical industry, have the promotion that comparative to use value.

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