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Use correctly of V belt with safeguard

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The transmission area that takes transmission to use Zhang Jin to go up in belt annulus transfers motion and power with the attrition of belt annulus or clench the teeth. Because take transmission to have drive smooth, the structure is simple, cost is low, do not need lubricate and can delay rinse brace up wait for an advantage, apply in agricultural machinery so extensive, in V-belt problem of the following respects notes in using.
Use correctly of 1 V-belt
V belt (also call V to take) it is standard component, by professional factory production, to V belt (V takes) , press its the size of sectional dimension, original standard cent is O, A, B, c, D, E, f7 is planted model, new standard cent is Y, Z, a, b, C, D, E, 7 kinds of model, its are sectional dimension is ordinal increase. Commonly used trigonometry adhesive plaster is planted for Y, Z, A, B4 model. Changing trigonometry adhesive plaster should with the model of chamfer of leather belt annulus is consistent, and be changed the length that the length of trigonometry adhesive plaster and the trigonometry adhesive plaster that use so should ask with the design is equal (the model of trigonometry adhesive plaster and inside week length all embossing is outside adhesive plaster, want to observe) carefully when the choice. When choosing, should mix according to power the V belt that the dimension of chamfer of leather belt annulus chooses different type.
The installation of 2 V belt
The attention when installation: Value of  of ご of  of commission of ⒋ of a huge legendary turtle is troubled by Cuo smile Ρ 3 make call? annulus chamfer to must be inside same plane, the Zhang Jin that does not get adhesive plaster of screwy; triangle is spent should accord with requirement; when drive of many V belt, each length, Zhang Jin is spent should agree basically; should install shield. Should make sure driving pulley is mixed before installation the two plane of passivity annulus are on same plane. The tool must not be made with iron when installing V belt forcibly prize is entered, of V belt of such can serious damage by prize part, make happen between V belt lining and puissant layer come off or cuticular by lacerate, cause by prize local flabby, return a likelihood at the same time prize is bad V belt annulus groove. Accurate installation method is: ? of Liang of Mei of pa of Hou of Ran  soak uses a hand to press V belt chamfer of leather belt annulus next, move again finally close.
3 strengthen regular examination is adjusted and maintain
To assure the regular job of V belt, answer to examine the use case of trigonometry adhesive plaster regularly, hair view wears away serious, crackle, ageing, when folding the blemish such as the skin, answer to change in time, be stained with want smearily to clean its clean, in a group of V belt, there cannot be degree of tightness after installation not all phenomenon, if installation is too close, v belt is out of shape badly, shorten the life of V belt, also can make bearing gets power as a result of radial at the same time too big and calorific, the attaint; V belt that accelerates bearing is too loose, the machine that is driven with respect to short of rated rotate speed, arise even skid phenomenon. Check the method of degree of tightness of V belt, with every leather belt mid increase 2kg perpendicular load, it is advisable that its issue sag to be 30 ~ 50mm.
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