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Calibrating station deploys standard catenary to pile up effect of balance of le

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Using balance of electronic leather belt to safeguard desired result long-standingly to solve a colliery difficult, precision the manpower of low, need intensity of much, labor big, time is long, insecure wait for difficult problem, the code maintenance in balance of electronic leather belt acquired the standard chain that station of calibrating of balance of weighing apparatus of Xuzhou Bureau of Mines deploys in desired result distinct effect. Balance of an electron leather belt needs this station desired result before match 10 workers to make up toward leather belt machine discharge coal 1.5 tons, two many hours should work continuously below normal circumstance; And use standard catenary to pile up desired result, need two workers to be in charge of assembling and unassemble only catenary is piled up (the norms that catenary piles up is 50kg/6.2m) , desired result time needs 1 hour only, managing manpower is amounted to 80% , managing man-hour 50% , assured safety already, reduced labor intensity greatly again, the excel of desired result precision of balance of electronic leather belt 0.5% .

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