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Head system of 2 series leather belt realizes steel ball round factory to be con

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Head 2 series put round plant of ball of company of steel mining industry after 6 leather belt of grey system control circuit to undertake transforming, through a many the month moves normally, achieve complete success. So far, system of 2 series leather belt realized ball round factory entirely PLC centralizes control remotely.

Start top-ranking work to deepen leather belt, august, ball round factory uses 2 series to overhaul 6 leather belt of pair of systems that put ash to control circuit to undertake transforming. Through transforming, 220 flat report remove dust the leather belt that put ash, multibarrel removes dust ash bucket of machine of comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb of the leather belt that put ash, catenary puts grey leather belt to control a concern by chain, came true advocate accuse room PLC to operate control centrally. After leather belt of the system that put ash is transformed, all leather belt all realized 2 series product line PLC centralizes control remotely.

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