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Cover to the stomach on " leather belt " the expert says very effective to reduc

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Speak of the function of leather belt, people agrees to know surely, but save medical university recently accessary I what the first hospital begins save first celiac lens but stomach of adjusting control sex reduces a facial expression, give " leather belt " the new meaning on use function ode. The success of this operation also brings good news to a few fat patients.

What the first place accepts this operation is Ms. Chen, person of county of outskirt of the Fuzhou City, 32 years old, be over habitat after the child, weight rises gradually, 1 . 6 meters height, weight amounts to 230 jins however, not only walk disadvantageous, often still be made fun of. For this, she dare not go out at ordinary times, very pained.

Course province medical courses in general is old accessary the examine bring up the rear of vice director of Professor Shi Zheng of the first hospital, He Qingliang, the decision is done for her " the stomach reduces a facial expression " operation, this operation resembled be being covered on the stomach " small leather belt " , use loincloth is direct upside of bundle up stomach, it is gastric space close end stomach follicular He Yuanduan stomach, the stomach that allows a patient is contractible, edible a few food can have gorge feeling, restrict food intake thereby, achieve goal reducing weight. Why does vice director doctor celebrate fine introduction, the gastric organization that there are pair of patients in operation process has cut. After the operation, need not again the operation can is opposite the stomach is follicular exit undertakes modulatory.

The operation of Ms. Chen undertakes very successful, the doctor has through celiac lens, should hit on the abdomen in the patient only so 3 - 4 0. 5 - 1 . The alveolus of 5, begin through celiac lens next, whole operation is less than a hour to be finished smoothly.

Operation that day, ms. Chen can leave bed activity, and right amount ground eats fluidity food, left hospital the following day. According to Introduction He Qingliang, ms. Chen is in two short weeks inside had become 107 kilograms by 115 original kilograms, decreased 8 kilograms fully, and the body of Ms. Chen was not affected accordingly.

Such operation, can every fat patient undertake? He Qingliang teachs an explanation, at present of the Fujian Province " the stomach reduces a facial expression " the operation still is in development period, adversary art person choose having compare rigid standard relatively, not be all and fat ill patient can undergo surgery.

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