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The desired result device of leather belt balance

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The desired result device of leather belt balance

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As metric equipment, leather belt balance or ration give coal chance must fixed demarcate. The demarcate of leather belt balance shares 4 kinds of forms at present: Objective demarcate, catenary piles up demarcate, hang a demarcate, electronic demarcate. Objective demarcate is best demarcate method, but it or cost is too high (balance of use appropriative leather belt is automatic balance of desired result hopper) , or too too complex (use artificial metage demarcate) ; The demarcate that hang a code accepts the restriction of its principle, can demarcate says to weigh sensor, cannot demarcate speed sensor, also not be good demarcate method so; Electronic demarcate is Aotemanke's peculiar demarcate method, but it than still have very large space with objective demarcate.

We recommend use catenary to pile up balance of demarcate leather belt. Its job process is: catenary the code is made the same score put to conveyer leather belt, secure one aspect of the matter go up in conveyer, the conveyer that start, catenary code is rotational on leather belt, simulacrum expects. The catenary that chooses normally piles up every meters weight to be leather belt conveyer of load of the leather belt below the largest flow 80% , 40% , if choose yard of a catenary, choose conveyer normally 60% of load of the leather belt below the largest flow. Pattern of this kind of demarcate is exact, opposite economy, simple, overcame the weakness of the desired result that hang a code again, received relatively wide application so. Normally, a lunar hind is used in leather belt balance (OK also longer, look leather belt scale particular case and calm) , should demarcate. After catenary code is using a year, should send to local metric branch to detect.

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