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Balance of leather belt of 20 series electron

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Balance of ICS-BW-20 electron leather belt, error of dynamic accumulative total is less than ± 0.5 % , be used at conveyer of general plant leather belt say to weigh, and undertake to the equipment such as the crusher, machine that grind coal, screening machine accurate ration gives makings control, also can be used at industry call heavy process control, if detect output, the ration that controls a product lades and monitor the situation such as inventory.

Systematic composition
Balance of BW-20 series leather belt basically divides composition by 4: BW-20 lever type says to weigh bridge, say heavy sensor, 60-12C speed sensor, AW2001 says to weigh integrator.

BW-20 say to weigh bridge to there are two groups of bearing rollers in jacket of horizontal bar lever, use a sensor that help style intermediate bearing, side bearing is used outside without grind trunnion fulcrum. This kind closes batch pile of OK and shock-proof, moistureproof, preventive accumulates device, do not produce the issue that use blade device and bearing plant bring in harsh environment consequently.

The girder that weighs heavy bridge uses rectangular steel tube, this makes whole say heavy bridge has enough tigidity, lesser self-prossessed, appearance to accumulate grey area to reach minimum. Mix without motion fragile. To assure the stability of whole system, meet an emergency of high accuracy resistor piece type sensor installation plays a part at sufferring, fight side force, decrease nonlinear error. The measurement of smaller to specific gravity stock can be used deserve to say to wear again.
Systematic precision
Systematic precision: ± 0. 5%
Power source: 220VAC, 50 Hz
Power: 50W

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