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Pyramid Inc rolls out leather belt of drive of new-style high-powered polyuretha

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PYRATHANE 88A is one kind gets together fat polyurethane, shao hardness is 88A about. Pyramid Inc. Have a test one year to its, this product already presented a satisfactory physical character, very comfortable at making transmission leather belt.

In PYRATHANE 88A and standard PYRATHANE 83A the situation with stretchy same length falls, former tension is made an appointment with than latter strong 30% , such PYRATHANE 88A can provide greater power. The hardness of this product and pulling force are larger, but its fight bending exhaustion to was not reduced, very as similar as standard PYRATHANE 83A.

PYRATHANE leather belt has outstanding anti-wear properties and very tall coefficient of friction. This leather belt not only very firm, and a kind of cleanness, quiet to transmitted all sorts of products to offer means.

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