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The leather belt between the waist

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The leather belt between the waist was broken, became two cut, a cummer sends me this. Begin a few years to do not have be willing to part with or use to use, used ten years later, between constant department waist, accompanied me to had gone one day another day, . Nowadays, it is faithful of executive host send, fulfilled a mission satisfactorily.

One is accompanied make old content, and it is so a good friend sends, unavoidable a bit regretful. But was being broken is the reoccupy that do not have a law, also have no way is received case, then, can throw only, resembling was to leave a time, take one's leave a paragraph of memory.

Know, the boy likes to send a flower to give the girl, regard the girl as flower, admiring assist to wear. The one clique when the girl accepts a flower is feeling pleased, pleasurable, if beauty of beautiful same charming, flower is general and precious,the boy inspects her. The girl likes those who what send leather belt, cravat to give the boy, it is close-fitting content, it is to want to hitch latch the boy's heart, let him everyday the thing reminds one of its owner, be like the handkerchief of archaic embroider, latter-day embroider pouch.

Apparent, man and feminine place want what to think of differ right-down. Sending a flower is " I like you " , " I love you " , sending leather belt is " think me, not oblivious of oneself " , give priority to move type to be passive type; It is instant, it is constant is long. Because of physiology psychology characteristic, because of,also be more habitual custom of the society, produced the substance of the expressive affection that two kinds of such men and womens differ completely.

Leather belt is to break, but the person that sends leather belt is to break what won't forget, this gives birth to me all one's life to be able to write down her.

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