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Leather belt is used into cherished tradition even if nearly hundred years

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Report from our correspondent is lived in fine Home Sun Laobai that allows apartment of village of urban ginger home has a leather belt, this leather belt had plunged into half many century between Sun Laobai waist. When the grandfather that leather belt is Sun Laobai dies earnest give his hangover, in those days he ability is 17 years old. In an instant 50 pass more, sun Laobai already 71 years old, he feels since grandfather gave him this leather belt before die, have what meaning for certain, his greatest now desire figures out namely this leather belt has a what kind of background after all.
Leather belt was used nearly hundred years
On September 27, the reporter saw this accompanied the leather belt of Sun Jiasan's acting person. Sun Laobai the cowhide leather belt that from the gently unship between the waist this copper makes agraffe. Although all previous classics nearly hundred years years, but leather belt still bears fruit durable. Sun Laobai says, he from on 50 time begin the century to plunging into this leather belt all the time, besides sleep in the evening, this leather belt had not left his body almost. He is recollected, , the grandfather that get a severe disease calls him to the front of the bed, take out an old leather belt that oneself plunged into a few years, gave him earnestly, call him to keep well.
"This leather belt is in the time that material shorts at that time is very modern, shiny agraffe, strong cowhide is taken, the associate that plays together saw very envy. " stem from pair of leather belt love, no matter where Sun Laobai walks along to taking it, sleep in the evening put in the head of a bed, want to give far door sometimes, hide leather belt inside the drawer of almirah.
Leather belt comes from which after all
Although leather belt followed all one's life of Sun Laobai most, but also a doubt follows him all the time, "I want to figure out all the time, this leather belt is having what kind of history after all " .
The reporter sees, agraffe of this leather belt is coppery, although often be being used, appearance is shiny still, see very can clearly above imprinted word. The word above agraffe is " Chinese boy scouts " , imprinting below " Zhi Renyong " , the design of a liliaceous appearance is among.
"Leather belt may be before boy scouts plunges into, but my father does not know grandfather has attended boy scouts such thing, also do not know fine promote have boy scouts in those days. Grandfather lifetime lives in Jia Xingcheng on the west suburb, also did not reach the place beyond Guo Jiaxing, so is leather belt after all how come? " Sun Laobai says, this is him all the time very bemused thing.
It is early 4 years ago, the person that one receives secondhand goods now and then the leather belt that saw Sun Laobai, think up 100 yuan of money to be bought, but Sun Laobai does not have be willing to part with or use to sell. He says, leather belt can sell how many fund is not the thing that he cares, the past history that knows it just is his greatest cherished desire. After he decides, give leather belt son or grandchildren, let it become significant " cherished tradition " .
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