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Leather belt of environmental protection whole sealing carries coal route began

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Business newspaper dispatch invests 2. 800 million yuan, year carry coal measures ten million ton, house Asia first is as long as the route of coal of use of whole sealing belt of 15 kilometers, in me the city that visit the first day of the lunar month began to move a few days ago, changed the picture that grime all over the sky flies to thoroughly.

Energy group invests ocean of Shanxi province gold 2. 800 million yuan, build capacity of grown carry coal 15 million tons, line for special use of coal of use of belt of over-distance Cheng, tall difficulty, whole sealing. The clean of coal purified production to change oneself image not only, was to accelerate circumjacent annulus more
The processing pace of the condition.

As we have learned, accelerate as what I omit resource conformity step, the industry of coal industry is spent centrally had very big rise, produce can have achieved 281 in the colliery of 600 thousand tons of above, crop occupies the 53 % of complete province. In the meantime, ability of washing of complete province coal had been broken through 3. 500 million tons of / year. Raw coal is entered wash specific gravity to achieve 58 % above, the gangue that is considered as important pollution source also got be usinged extensively. Additional, complete province has area of garden of economy of 14 coal loop to be in build, mutual size project 167, up to by August, had built 56. Change the building of the project as a batch of treatment inside garden area, the economic structure of diversity will become Shanxi to save the new window that coal economy grows.

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