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Leather belt head is lighter Shenzhen airport a day bar below two passengers

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ShenzhenClick examine Shenzhen and more city weather forecastNews network dispatch (Liu Xianfeng of reporter Fu Dawei's reporter) on April 22, the leather belt head that Shenzhen Baoan International Airport installs complete checkpoint to hunt down two passengers place to fasten early or late is the case of lighter. This is carry out in the whole nation from April 7 prohibit since the passenger carries lighter, match to take civil aviaton plane to set, shenzhen airport is hunted down first conceal so clever kindling. Face the banned article of metabolic multiterminal and igneous cause, shenzhen airport installs check to raise vigilance further, father to involve air defence security.

That day morning 8 when make, be worth Shenzhen airport to leave a port fastigium. Machine building is awaited in B date 3 passageways that install check, when one youth man passes exit, instrument noise rose " Di - Di - Di " call the police sound, vigilance of small Liu of the member that this one circumstance lets install check instantly rises. When undertaking normal person check to this passenger, discover this passenger however and appearance of as good as. Attentive Xiaoliu passes careful observation, the leather belt head that discovers this passenger suddenly appears some are unusual, enquire via what relapse again, this passenger spoke the truth that leather belt head is a lighter eventually. Who knows, after be apart is less than 3 hours, small Liu You is on body of another males passenger hunt down same leather belt head again lighter.

Classics understanding, lighter of head of this kind of leather belt can make smoking a group of things with common features reduces the trouble that carries independent lighter to bring, make leather belt had double function so. Little imagine, when taking civil aviaton flight, as it happens disobeyed civil aviaton to prohibit the provision that the passenger carries lighter, match to take civil aviaton plane. For this, shenzhen airport installs check branch to remind passenger of wide Mahayana plane again: For the safety of you and other and oneself journey, do not carry article of of all kinds banned danger to reach any kindling to seize the opportunity please.

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