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The member that Shenzhen Baoan International Airport installs check hunts down l

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Recently, the lighter of type of leather belt head that the member that date of B of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport awaits machine building to install check hunts down two passengers to be carried early or late. The airport reminds again, the passenger must not carry lighter to wait seize the opportunity

On April 22 morning 8 when make, be worth Shenzhen airport to leave a port fastigium. Date of B of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport awaits machine building to install check to stand to be in to leaving a port the passenger of the airliner undertakes routine safety is checked. When one youth man passes the door that install check, since noise of this man waist " Di Di " call the police sound. Vigilance of small Liu of the member that this one circumstance lets install check instantly rises, via microscope, the leather belt head of this passenger appears some are unusual. The member that install check enquires repeatedly, young man speaks the truth that leather belt head is a lighter eventually. After be apart is less than 3 hours, small Liu You is on body of another males passenger hunt down same leather belt head again lighter! In passenger refus not below approbatory circumstance, after leather belt head gets off, small Liu Jiang is dialed, as expected above change goes flame. As we have learned, lighter of type of head of this kind of leather belt is current there already was a sale on market. The architect's purpose is to let smoking a group of things with common features reduce the trouble that carries independent lighter to bring, the metallic head on leather belt the design becomes lighter, make leather belt had double function.

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