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The airport installs check to want to solve subway of station of airport of leat

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The ability that oppose a bill enters long-distance station to wait dustbin of station of hall, subway is uninterrupted go on a tour of inspection, belt beverage pull in wants " drink face to face " ... reporter yesterday learns, during the Olympic Games, department of Nanjing city transportation upgrades to installing check to carry file once more.

The ability that oppose a bill can wait into the station hall

City traffic bureau carries the canal is in yesterday to express, rise today, the passenger must be shown ticket ability was entered that day wait hall. This is the new move of a security that executes during the Olympic Games.

City carries tubal point reminds, the long-distance bus that Beijing goes to before Nanjing at present centrally door sends a car, a day 3 orders. The passenger goes to Beijing during the Olympic Games, if lose identity document or ticket to be able to compare a trouble, must pass temporarily formalities of buy ticket after normal time or station of pass in and out of the ability after inquiring via net of couplet of the public security inside the station the system determines its status.

Subway station is enabled flow An Jianyi

Chief of department of security of subway operation branch introduces, begin today, subway staff member will cooperate public security personnel to be executed to platform, dustbin 24 hours uninterrupted go on a tour of inspection, undertake clearing in time to dustbin.

The month rises on, the subway already stood in Nanjing station of station, new market opening two passenger flow center a site to establish safe detector. Remove subway branch to will enable detector of safety of going from place to place in other station today, patrol once personnel discovers doubtful personnel, subway public security, safe a meeting to its baggage undertakes the instrument detects.

This controller expresses, during the Olympic Games, although be increased once more,the subway brings check strength, but considering passenger flow too concentration, won't check to passenger one by one commonly.

Take beverage pull in to want " drink face to face one "

The Olympic Games comes, nanjing railway station installs check to upgrade stealthily: What go up to often have ball cartridge of gun of carry on one's shoulder with square inside the station is special alarm, the people's police that opens patron wagon and on foot the armed police patrols. Inside hall of carry out ticket, selective examination to the passenger the frequency of Id rises apparently, 3 have a person to be able to be asked to show id card in the individual.

Relevant personage introduces police station of station of Nanjing of railroad public security, check installs to already established 3 to close since the month on Nanjing station: Machine check, person check, dog check. Rise today, before Nanjing station carries requirement passenger beverage pull in, want " drink face to face " , and can use special instrument undertake detecting to having liquid part.
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