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Chinese leather is popular Russia is exhibited meeting

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Leather of the 9th international reachs report from our correspondent furry exhibition exhibited a center to ring down the curtain in Muscovite CROCUS EXPO a few days ago. Company of dress of 21 leather that organize by Chinese leather association, fur and flix and its goods production, trading company entered current exhibition.

This second exhibit of the meeting showpiece the area amounts to 10 thousand much square metre, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to have 200 many. Outside exhibiting a group except Chinese country, the country such as Turkey, Russia also organized a country to exhibit round ginseng, the manufacturing company ginseng that the exhibition still drew the country such as Argentine, Finnish, Belgian, Greek, India, Lithuania, Korea is exhibited.

Current in exhibiting the item on display of the meeting to basically be centered high-grade product. Outside dress of an organic whole of the change that remove hair, fur dress, leather dress, still have the other product such as parcel post of raw material of leather, flix, skin, leather belt.

The gross area of Chinese house expanded than last year this year 1. 3 times, ginseng exhibited industry measure to also increase 2 times. Chinese enterprise aroused a lot of Russia this locality and the interest that include Germany, France and Eastern European country to buy the home and manufacturer, come round to undertake commerce negotiates with inquiry buy the home ceaseless. Heibei respectful holds Qiu Ge limited company, Heibei Xi Man high Ba Mailong of industrial group limited company, Heibei is industrial group limited company, Shijiazhuang is elegant emperor of peaceful county of limited company of fine leather clothing, respectful leather of grand fur coat, because the product pledges quantity, design suits demand of this locality market, got Russia and concerned country trafficker reach the attention of leather clothing manufacturer, commerce negotiates quite active; Design of product of limited company of dress of Beijing farad general is novel and unique, draw the attention of trafficker; The leather belt design of limited company of leather of Zhejiang roc prosperous is original, attracted a lot of commerce audiences to stop to negotiate and be bought; This second exhibit the another large window of the meeting namely the big camp that Heibei visits exhibits a group, shared 9 enterprises to attend exhibition, dress of hare of their mink, otter and goods aroused the interest that buys the home, become friendship condition to exceed forecast.

Dress of the leather that Russia is our country, flix reachs the consumptive market with main product, the sale channel that is in Russia to cast off dress of the leather of our country, flix and goods basically is in centrally in the current situation of cheap market, exhibition is a when the enterprise seeks different class client important way. Ginseng postpone a business through attending this second exhibit meeting, bring into contact with new client, commerce channel scope of business gets extending, sale increases considerably. Association organizes an enterprise to play experience according to the enterprise suggests and coming two years, when the proposal is entering an exhibition henceforth, class of item on display should be done adjust accordingly, aggrandizement brand consciousness, support brand extends the market.
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