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Colliery of city of Shanxi new moon produces accident of leather belt combustion

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Xinhua net Taiyuan on March 2 report (reporter Chen Zhonghua) the reporter installs inspect bureau to learn from Shanxi province, 2 days 4 when the left and right sides, ping Lu district of city of new moon state produces accident of leather belt combustion below one colliery well, cause 9 people death. Current, job of accident rush to deal with an emergency has ended.

The colliery of Home Feng mountain that produces an accident is colliery of a villages and towns, when accident happening, 27 colliers are shared to work below the well, among them 12 people safety rises a well, team member of relieve a sick or injured person gives 6 people into well rescue, misfortune of additionally 9 people dies. As we have learned, colliery of Home Feng mountain year approve is produced can be 90 thousand tons, 6 card are all ready.

After accident happening, local government and install the branch such as inspect to be driven quickly toward the spot to organize rescue. Current, accident reason is in investigation.

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