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The woman of allergy of leather belt head is much recently

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Annual summer, the woman that always one part likes to wear ring necklace can encounter " headgear is ill " , the osculatory sex dermatitis that says on medicine namely. Last week, the reporter wants to consult dermatological department expert at this point originally, nevertheless the expert's answer is: Examine of eye front door " headgear is ill " the patient does not calculate much, however another kind modern play meaning let many women suffer sufficient, this thing is leather belt head.

The month encounters

"Recently this month, at least has such a few patients to accept treatment to our hospital " , vice director of one hospital dermatological department dawn says, more or less did nearly two years of everybody have to headgear disease be on guard consciousness, but a lot of people did not think of leather belt head also can make him allergic however.

dawn says, these patients are a female mostly, there is the erythema since navel eye place, papula, Sao to itch when see a doctor wait for a symptom. The patient feels urticant to keep catching flinch, some grab red bag sack defeated. When beginning, a lot of people still think is tinea, before coming to a hospital daub passes a few fight allergy kind medicaments, but good one good, stop, the issue came again. Be in from appraise illness when, the patient expresses to had not encountered similar trouble in the winter mostly.

Be identical of red place and leather belt head

Probable it is leather belt head allergic

"This part patient has apparent collective point, like those are big namely, cheap very the leather belt head of flowery " , dawn says. Actually this is the crux of the problem. Allergy of leather belt head also is dermatitis of sex of a kind of contact, the cadmium in buckle and chromium are to cause red and scratchy main reason.

winter or year season come on rarely, because isolation action reached since shirt pants,this is. And summertime allergy source -- the metal is buckled reach decorations and skin to be contacted directly, add the formation organic dissolvent such as the lactic acid that contains in sweat fluid, be helpful for metallic ion separate out and cause allergy.

Should distinguish actually allergy of leather belt head is very easy. dawn introduction, want a patient to observe whether red place is all round leather belt head only went.

Want to prevent allergic

Besmear in buckle surface oil of a fingernail

If regard allergy of leather belt head as regard allergy of leather belt head as,tinea is treated, delay an illness very easily, oneself also are suffering satiate. Lane is bad that whole summer wants to be troubled for this.

dawn says, once produce similar irritability dermatitis, the most essential isolate namely with efficient way allergic source. Can change for instance with metalloid kind leather belt head, perhaps wear the fitter garment pants that need not be leather belt. If must use a metal to buckle leather belt, here also gives everybody introduction a small key: Take head surface to besmear in the skin namely a transparent fingernail is oily, or stick a transparent gum, can rise to cut off so action, also won't affect at the same time beautiful. Ferial many lis eat some of vitamin C, rise fight allergic ability.
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