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Zhu Ziyan deep V is gotten appear on show of screen wide leather belt to give sm

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Recently, zhu Ziyan of pear nest baby wears deep V to get white skirt, taking shop sign smile of melting pear nest, sex appeal appears on program of fashion of archives of TV station gold " a list of names posted up of fashionable wind and cloud " , the black wide leather belt of mad this year popularity matchs properly, your attractive small pretty waist is shown without involuntary discharge of urine.

Zhu Ziyan is handsome the fair maiden is dressed up, wear an individual character of professional female grace, all be sealed to be temperament by spot compere and honored guest model " good gracious female " . And besides happy in the program tease, outside playing racily, zhu Ziyan returns hall of the profession that be entered by compere to take an exam, ask according to the fair maiden wind model instant is deduced " longing is princely " , " princely arrival " , " get hurt " , " lovely " wait for expression, zhu Ziyan essence is accurate and the performance that contains preference brought many joyous sound to laugh for the spot language.

The program that day returns collect to show up star vogue amounts to person result wisdom each, impart how to be made shine already the eye suits him again beautify hair modelling. "Good gracious female " Zhu Ziyan is invited to take on beautify hair model, how is performance of earnestly practise what one advocates built complaisant the stereo feeling of long hair and fleeciness feeling.

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