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But the buckle that single hand adjusts (D0510)

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One, product characteristic

1, use this product, need sheet to the hand can loosen leather belt or be tightened up only only.

2, can separate dress operation, use go to the lavatory simply.

3, apply to all leather belt blocking an opening.

2, market prospect

This product provided the special function that place does not have common buckle -- although lying between the dress of medium ply, individual finger also can adjust chatelaine degree of tightness, solved in fair its place appears because of adjusting leather belt awkward issue. The operation is very handy, it is to show some to block those who buckle buckle to upgrade product, market prospect is valued.

3, investment condition (month productivity 3000)

Early days invests 20 thousand yuan, basically use at circulating fund, outside using assist machine means.

4, benefit analysis

The product is integrated cost every 2 yuan, factory price every 5 yuan, manufacturing sale can close early days of Sichuan yip day 1000 times 7 to invest.

5, investment proposal

1, the product is ordered make production basically can produce manufacturer or metal fittings factory to wait for collaboration with buckle.

2, investor can provide a factory to order in the skin after doing card to buckle leather belt and this product to assemble, sell together.

3, can give leather belt the plant product sale, after by leather belt this factory is assembled, sell.

6, contact means

This station member is landed please examine, thank, phone of member service center: 010-61757617 15910504551

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