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"The first skin of Asian leads corridor " settle closed grows 40 kilometers

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Yesterday morning, company of China embellish cement and Er of French happy shellfish - thunder Yi company undertakes in Zhaoqing limestone carries autograph of project of corridor of long leather belt to arrange a ceremony, will invest nearly 800 million yuan, construction is as long as of 40 kilometers " the first skin of Asian leads corridor " , force protects next year of item of this one cement to ignite as scheduled first half of the year put into production, become on the west the cement with river the most large-scale drainage area produces base.

China embellish cement is the major project that Guangdong saves, the plan always invests 5.9 billion yuan of Hongkong dollar in closed, 10 day produce build 4500 tons new-style product line of cement of dry method kiln coming back, and form a complete set builds many total electricenergy production 90 thousand kilowatt more than hot power station and berth of dock of deep water of 10 2000 tons of class, build the transit of ore leather belt of 40 kilometers. Head period invest build of 1.7 billion yuan of Hongkong dollar 2 new-style product line of cement of dry method kiln coming back, project plan ignited first half of the year 2009 put into production, duty can be achieved after put into production 160 million yuan. Whole project plans to built go into operation entirely 2010, the year after next of put into production produces concrete 20 million tons, year achieve duty to exceed 1 billion yuan.

The limestone that undertakes this signing agreement carries item of long leather belt, use the technological process with the most advanced international, execute whole sealing to carry, the limestone in basically be being produced with Yu Huarun cement is carried. Flower of the senior post of county of closed of over or across of long leather belt, Luo Dong, apricot, fishing waterlogged, river the mouth is pressed down 5 times, through 20 villages appoint meeting. After building, horary carriage limestone 2500 tons, will be the Asia's longest carriage leather belt, can says " the first skin of Asian leads corridor " .

After this project builds, the place in raising cement to produce not only needs the carriage efficiency of limestone, reduce the sources of energy to use up, still carry car because of decreasing and ease highway transportation pressure, will be a great project that is famous in the world. Current, this survey job of long leather belt already spread out in the round. (Chen Bingwen of reporter Yu Ganyong's reporter, Wei Shiming)

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