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The proposal of chatelaine of choose and buy and tie-in skill

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1, select waist band according to working property

In environment of traditional and conservative work, "Neuter color " and " ouch design is simple " thin waist band (2.5-4 centimeter) it is optimal choice. Because they are color or design without giving thought to,do collocation very easily with the dress. And in the working environment that is full of originality in freedom, chatelaine is OK feeling of more rich design, him token original grade.

2, just should select waist band according to bodily form

The person of fine waist, can be used and compare lubricious chatelaine to emphasize integral formative design feeling in couples personally up and down; The person of honey peach bodily form, want to select thin waist band, 2-2.5 centimeter width suits very much. The person with longer girth, can choose and leave waist band of half body concolorous; The leg compares short person, can choose and chatelaine of concolorous of upper part of the body; The person with rude waist, choose to depend on mainly, chatelaine cannot too wide, colour cannot too marked, do not become strong comparative quality with the dress of fluctuation body can.

3, choose and buy a good chatelaine

Need is dress appreciation, be about to be inside budgetary limits, purchase the belt with best character. The length that should notice chatelaine whether moderate, the lumbar side that goes up with the dress is right.

The tie-in skill of chatelaine

1, chatelaine should match with bodily form.

Fine waist limb is applicable the chatelaine of any types; Waist paragraph fatter straight figure, optional choose is comfortable the chatelaine that hang low, line of your waist boundary has spun feeling it seems that; The figure with chief trunk of the upper part of the body can use wide margin leather belt to emphasize the waist, color cooperates the dress of the upper part of the body; Wide buttock figure should avoid to use thin waist band and obi, want to pick the leather belt of moderate of a width, the form is simple and genteel at the same time, trendy and eccentric chatelaine is unfavorable adorn. Additional, if tall man figure is known use belt, can have ideal effect. And short figure should select waist band carefully, color is best as identical as appearance, design has been jumped over simplier.

2, chatelaine wants and the design of dress and color coordinate collocation.

For instance, formaller suit covers skirt, of best choice leather or spin, pattern is mixed lesser, simplier concise chatelaine; The dress of dark look does not deserve to use the belt of light color; The dress with succinct design, can choose to decorate the chatelaine with stronger sex to increase lively; The dress with intricate variety of designs is unfavorable deserve to shine beautiful chatelaine.

3, chatelaine wants to just should be chosen according to the circumstance.
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