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"Practical gift " suffer favour to buy trousers to give leather belt to buy DVD

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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) report of reporter Peng Lan: Buy trousers to add give leather belt, buy DVD to add bag sending dish. Similar " gift phenomenon " a kind of acquiescent form that had become a businessman it seems that nowadays. But not be what gift consumer can jump at, practical, substantial gifts more accept client favour.

Mr Zhu eve of Wu Chang buys milk to the supermarket, on the goods shelves of full of beautiful things in eyes, many milk brands are doing an activity. Mr Zhu chose finally " buy milk to send water cup " a certain brand. "Water cup is more practical, some sends baby and so on, took trashy also. " similar Mr Zhu the person of such idea, do not be in a few. Doctor collect young lady also expresses, oneself are in the choose and buy is congener when commodity, can be first choice object in order to have gift, if have gift, it is gift of unified exam Lv for certain practical tall, more substantial.

Comply with consumer this kind of psychology, a lot of businessmen also go out in succession action. Tie-in leather belt sells the close-fitting pants together, buy DVD to have package of dish of form a complete set. The businessman is such " easy " , did not hit to these gift however add given ticket, it seems that such material benefit gives customer is of course. Come so, consumer is natural more readily take the opportunity to enjoys a businessman " the dedication of unknown to public " .

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