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City builds chicken on the west China plant of leather belt engine sends love fo

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Northeast net chicken on the west city diversified economy head office built electric chicken on the west on September 26 China plant of leather belt engine is in carry out " vanward project " in the process, care difficult employee sufferings, solve life difficult problem, the warmth of the party, the consideration of the enterprise sends in difficult employee home.

The employee life changes in temperature of weak force group is affecting the heart that the factory leads all along. City builds chicken on the west China factory is passed begin " into door of a hunderd schools, know feeling of a hunderd schools, solution a hunderd schools is difficult, know heart of a hunderd schools " visit condolatory activity, know employee life sufferings, help the boy or girl friend that help clearly. Since entering a winter last year, this factory prepares alms oneself 11600 yuan, cadre staff contribute money 10300 yuan, have help somebody in danger or difficulty to difficult employee. In addition, this factory returns difficult to 23 employee to relieve rice face oil to wait, total amount amounts to 3524 yuan. Live to 36 the employee with more difficult bungalow sends one car every to burn match, solved the difficult problem of their hibernate. City builds chicken on the west China factory proclaimed in writing is affirmatory, take an examination of every year to children of on guard employee those who attend a college send capital 1000 yuan each. 2006, the children that shared 13 employee 2007 is taken an examination of attend a college, acquire stake.

Liu Jinfeng is a staff that this factory machine builds a line, contract liver disease, and the illness is very serious, because the family is difficult, cannot hospitalization. After factory leader is informed this one information, decide to be begun for Liu Jinfeng inside entire plant limits instantly " display love " contribution activity, factory director Wang Zhenlu takes the lead in contribution 300 yuan. In Wang Zhenlu guide below, entire plant is her contribution 3217 yuan.

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