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Much goods of street sale item is doubtful liner of true leather belt is chipboa

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An added ingredient:  Yi flatter brags fragrance reason Xing protects bore with a reamer of crisp orangutan of agitate of  of Zheng of blind wash of Fu of adj/LIT wide of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of humerus of び of ∥ of Jian of clear  Xin  calls out sluggish to put  of  of lot of solemn Xian  3 quickly occasionally Zou addiction quarrel makes fun of?5 of   Mian yuan bought camera of a film, the businessman when buying says to assure quality, otherwise bag of a month is retreated, one year the bag is changed. After but should buy batteries and film,been install, discover watch for an opportunity is prime however with respect to have more than is needed, but under she returns auction place to ask to return money, but because of there are any prooves when buying, retreat goods to refuse, still sufferred those who auction booth to select personnel threaten even, fall in the mediation of police station policeman finally, small Wei Cai is able to retreat camera.

"The hair dryer that 60 yuan of ability in this shop buy, we give authority with the price of 10 yuan of money now, have price 10 yuan, have a person to be willing to increase a yuan of fund? Be good! 11 yuan! 12 yuan! 12 yuan, return somebody to be willing to add a yuan again? Without, money of that 5 wool, have a person to add? 1 wool money! Add 1 wool again! Good, this gentleman, congratulation, be yours! Be yours!!

This is the one act that the reporter spread out in Zhongshan road night fair the dot sees a few days ago. As we have learned, the booth that road night fair appears to sell goods this kind with auctioning a form nods Zhongshan to had had period of time, price of commodity of place carry out all so low that make a person amazed, it is the half in common shop actually even very one of. So, so low price buys a goods that come, whether can you be at ease really? The reporter undertook visitting at this point.

Surround the view person that buy character of very many goods is doubtful

Arrived 9 days on October 5 successive a few night at 8 o'clock, the reporter will to Zhongshan road night fair be in street to auction booth site. "Auction " just begin before long, a boy that business suit change walks on is taking microphone single-handed, the herd that raising ground of exert to one's utmost of a hair dryer high to issue a dense mass of to the stage single-handed has product introduction. His all round, filled up with the commodity such as sundry small home appliance, toy, leather belt. The speech of eloquent had effect, very fast, this hair dryer is walked along by mark of person contest price. Then, he takes a pair of small sound box to begin to recommend again: "8 yuan of money have price, 8 yuan ah, everybody, this price cannot buy even half horn in big market! Ask everybody not to miss this so once in a blue moon the main chance, bid rapidly! " cried a long time to did not see somebody bids, he comes back to begin brandish to wear namely a leather belt undertakes promoting, weighing leather belt is 100 percent dermal absolutely, say solemnly: "If buy you to discover not be derma, you spend what how many money buys to use this leather belt to smoke me how many times please! You spend what how many money buys to use this leather belt to smoke me how many times please!!

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