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Leather wrapping takes 3 bag period 3 months

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Song Jie) henceforth, if the citizen buys box bag and skin to have occurrence quality issue, " bag of Xi'an city box, skin provides kind of goods 3 packets of regulations " will be consumer support. Reporter yesterday from city disappear assist understanding arrives, qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial branch was made jointly a few days ago " bag of Xi'an city box, skin provides kind of goods 3 packets of regulations (try out) " , will release recently carry out.

As we have learned, the regulation provided the 3 bag period of kind of commodity to make specific provision to box wrapping. 3 bag period are the coriaceous commodity such as chatelaine of handbag of viatic box, coriaceous back, portfolio, skin 3 months, match a skin kind 3 bag period are two months, blame skin provides kind of 3 bag period to be a month, the 3 bag period such as glove of billfold, skin are a month. The businessman enjoys inside 3 bag period retreat, long, exchange goods serves, set repair bad commodity businessman to should grant to return money. Next, the regulation puts forward clearly, commodity this locality is repaired do not exceed 7 days, the other place is repaired do not exceed a month, to overtime not the circumstance of repair, will change freely with the brand, with model commodity.

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