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Pool city conch 3 period sound insulation of gallery of dock long leather belt c

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A few days ago, pool city conch 3 period gallery of 3 kilometers long leather belt finished dock smoothly of sound insulation canopy close construction, the production that is monsoon thereby offerred seasonable and advantageous foundation to ensure, can keep apart the noise pollution of the generation when leather belt accident goes more, with making company of green environmental protection zoology further.

Circumjacent environment gives brought noise pollution when moving to eliminate leather belt chance, height of manger department of firm of pool city conch takes seriously, elaborate organization, divide place of factory, project and construction unit through dock give full cooperation, overcame should make sure leather belt leaves normally already stay the manufacturing demand of machine, should make sure gallery closes again a variety of difficulty such as the safety of construction, quality and plan, begin to enter construction phase from May 5, fight bravely difficultly 30 days, finished sound insulation canopy smoothly before plum rains season comes eventually close construction. The made another green a covered corridor or walk after becoming skin of first phase of this dock afterwards to take gallery sound insulation to close. (Cao Kechun)

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