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Food machinery is used carry reach transmission leather belt

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Limited company of leather belt of industry of brief family name is food of a professional representative the company of special entrance leather belt, main management Holand (FABREEKA) with Italy Sang Pu is pulled (SAMPLA) high quality carry leather belt, the product obtains ISO9002 attestation and FDA to examine (of American medicine and food examine) , avirulent insipidity, oil resistant strength of strength of anti-corrosive, tension is high, wide application reachs other to produce an industry to carry equipment to go up in food, nicotian, pharmacy. Product ability has PVC, PU, PE, double-faced canvas to reach character high temperature resistant iron fluorine dragon, can ask according to the client treatment orders do (be like: Treatment guides, edge of fender, skirt, make 90 degrees of horn turn machine leather belt, leather belt of machine of the promotion that make) . It is the product of form a complete set of food, medicine and first selection of nicotian production industry.
Additional, my company returns acting Italy Sang Pu to pull (SAMPLA) high speed drive makes the same score leather belt, italy gets together belt of tine of ammoniac fat synchronism, leather belt of drive of series of Japan, United States, Germany.
My company holds to " sincere, the tenet that believes " , at any time await respectively your hang down ask.
Jing Zhu
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