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MCC Baosteel to complete China first flotation belt drive belt replacement

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December 4, Stainless Steel Division, the main steel mill flotation belt style 4 # After 16 hours after the belt replacement orderly construction, working again. Chinese-owned MCC Baosteel Metallurgical Services Co., Ltd. was invited to assume the task of the belt replacement. Division of Stainless Steel belt machine equipment production line is China's first flotation belt machine, but also China's first large-scale environmental Related stock movements China Metallurgical 3.94-0.01-0.25% Baosteel 6.35-0.05-0.78% Belt transport equipment. MCC Baosteel undertake the task 4 # belt replacement belt for the special main-belt machine suddenly, is the steel mill production line feeding the main length of 976 meters, 0.8 meters wide, the head connected with the steel converter, the maximum at about 50 meters, is the steel import and export of the "throat." Belt connector for high technology bonding curing, is a difficult project. Known as the "belt vulcanization crack," said MCC Baosteel branch of the second repair technicians are careful analysis of the drawings, the construction process of scrutiny every detail, this sets the sulfide flotation belt machine as a bonding hard battles to fight. Construction, curing more than 30 professional elites to show their talents in the field, stripping head, grinding, gluing, curing, cooling ... ... construction workers go all out race against time to 2 hours ahead of time to complete a full 976 bran bonding with three joints curing the task, delivery test. MCC Baosteel top level of the owner side sulfide cooing.
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