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Yiwu Chinas export base camp Belt

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Recently, Futian Building, Commercial Street boutique belt Yiwu belt Pan Guoxing, vice president of industry associations in their own store on the client host two from Spain. In his computer, there is a shipping records, rough forget about, a total of Customers in 26 countries doing business with him. He said: "The world, ten belt six Chinese-made, more than 70% sold around the world from the Yiwu market.". Yiwu belt industry began in 1988, so far, the industry has more than 1280 households and business enterprises, employing 50,000 people. According to statistics, production and distribution of the belt Yiwu about global markets Qicheng share. Inadvertently, Yiwu belt has been tied half the globe. Belts production base have to set up a sales window defined Yiwu to ask what position the belt in the country occupied, belts dealers will tell you: "there is one third of the world." The other two belts production base located in Wenzhou and Guangzhou. In fact the first time, the belt of Health Production in Yiwu is a blank. Yiwu market is attracting a strong radiation Wenzhou, Guangzhou, the two companies have set up a sales window in Yiwu, many manufacturers have also moved to Yiwu factory. Pan Guoxing the entrepreneurial path confirmed this. Water Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou, he came from, where as the "China Leather", more than 600 manufacturers and leather belt market. However, as early as 1993 Pan Guoxing to Yiwu Operating belt, and when he sold the belt all from the Water Town, 2000, he founded his own factory Yiwu. Pan Guoxing said: "The head of the basic supply belt Yiwu market, Yiwu has become China's Paper With the export base camp, a belt business, if not located in Yiwu sales window to mean the loss of the foreign trade rights. " Yiwu market, the attractiveness of the national belt manufacturers, from the current composition of Yiwu belt can be seen by industry: total Bacheng Wenzhou businessmen, more than one business into Guangdong and other provinces into the business about. Decorative belt by functional changes in sexual orientation And the International Trade City, Futian Building, adjacent to Commercial Street boutique belt, operating area of three million square feet, a total of 300 families settled in household operations. Belt into the world, reminding us of scenes into the fashion capital. Store display of belt colors, many styles. Just look at a decorative belt to dazzling, diamond, and decorated with metal sequins, string beads ... ... filling wood fashionable. ZHANG You-tube business households reported V. journalists, there are thousands of belt styles, basically a week to a new product. ZHANG You-tube memory, the first belt in Yiwu market are mostly made with burnt process, material is very hard. To the present, the belt is not simply a "belt", a more appropriate should be referred to as a belt, light material There is leather, cotton, pu leather belt, pvc belt such as a dozen. Belt as clothing accessories, which makes three-dimensional and full of costume changes become. ZHANG You-tube in the store, he picked up a belt made from the cotton, told reporters This is hand-woven, exports to Japan, France, Italy and other developed countries, he smiled and said: "Perhaps, the French fashion show used Yiwu belt is produced." Belt industries to be to the brand, scale development Manufacturing enterprises are small, scattered, mostly family workshops, which is Yiwu belt industry is currently the main problems. Many manufacturers do not have decent plant, receiving orders, temporary rent a venue to find a group of people for processing. In the record Brand, the Yiwu belt is blank. With business operators told reporters that the foreign one, "Dunhill" leather belt can be sold to 3,000 yuan, and Yiwu belt only a few dollars to sell the product or in medium and low level for the Lord. The good news is, Yiwu belt industry, industry practitioners have recognized the belt to the brand, scale of development. The end of 2005, Yiwu belt industry association established platform for communication and coordination with industry, industry-owned Source has been further integrated. August 19, Commercial Street, Futian Building, belt boutique opening soon, International Trade Building, Commercial Street, the belt will also be opened, a more modern, large-scale, professional trading platform imminent
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