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Team of golf United States is gotten run the 2nd day if identical leather belt i

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Of team of United States of Sohu sports dispatch hope this - Siluokumu and cloth - Weikeli is combined perhaps is the player with the biggest pressure of world cup of this Shenzhen golf, because the United States ever had won world cup championship 23 times, what win championship for the United States last time is a tiger - Woods and David - Duwaer is combined, siai benefit of their Nuo of Argentine cloth appropriate 2000 this hold an overpraise cup in both hands. Team of first days of United States is hit breathtaking - 11 lever are banner a large number of heroes, today although two people are harvested only - 3, but still precede with the advantage of one lever England and Scotland, tabernacle the first. On the press conference after contest, american team nature of two players mood is good also.

Q: Wei Keli, you had been the 3rd go abroad play the game, after whether considering does the match often come out?

Wei Keli: Of course, I hope to travel. It is long-distance journey this really. I hope to visit different court, have historical state. This meeting is very interesting, have the court of some of Lin Kesi style especially.

Q: Besides field, can you still go to other place?

Wei Keli: Of course, I hope to wade the Great Wall. You know, I also am to live in American south, south and north are very different, so I also think the north that goes to China looks, certain very different.

Q: Do you see beautiful make one's rounds surpasses apparitor fragrance official gentleman? What do he has and you say?

Hope this: He wishs we are lucky, let us be hit well on behalf of American team.

Q: You will be mixed tomorrow England team is the same as group, their dress is very beautiful eye, do you have the unified thing that represents your?

Wei Keli: We have identical leather belt.

Hope this: A friend is us to have something made to order this in Atlanta designedly, beautiful have our respective name, set have red, white, orchid the color of American ensign, very beautiful.

Q: You said to out is resembled between you yesterday the brother of same family (Brother-in-lawed) , what meaning can you explain?

Wei Keli: Basically be appearance what we go up in competition ground is close, cooperate tacit understanding, be in harmony is an organic whole.

Q: Is this expression the dialect of American south?

Hope this: I do not know, I am this expression that hears in the United States. Very good problem. (Friendship of Sohu sports Zhang Ping)

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