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28 ask teammate lends leather belt cummer ring before Yang Wei goes abroad onese

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Netease recreation was training between the greater part time-sharing of dispatch Yang Wei on August 11 and spend in the match, in the life, he is a simple and optional person. Often go abroad he what enter all sorts of matches and other activity, can fasten even however in a long time the leather belt of pants is done not have on the west, should face go abroad ask teammate borrows. And the ring on cummer hand, so also herself flower is bought 28 pieces, yang Wei laugh says: Emperor of Juan of postscript heart honest knocks sulphur  Se to overcome insular be ignorant of to say 10 thousand yuan to hold the post of muddled? of  of bright of screen of exterminate intermediary Miao!

Go to Denmark looking for teammate to borrow leather belt

According to Yang Wei rich guest discloses, he ever asked teammate borrows leather belt. He writes in rich guest: "For company cloud shops today coming, went in the morning new east, I purchased a leather belt, do not have a pretty leather belt all the time, go before Denmark or look for what Liu Bin borrows, having this eventually can be on the west the leather belt of pants, bought the vest of an eider down again later, wore a feeling very bright, although some are expensive, do not cross me now this age is such, buy a bit more expensive, what can wear next is a few longer, the dress is bought to be able to buy a few petty gain previously, good-looking, value quite now fast, the girl is different nevertheless, a liked clothes can be lacked forever inside chest, that dress can be forever inside shopwindow, ha. Ha..

The match wants the sweater that mom knits

And according to cummer Yang Yun discloses, after experiencing old wind storm rain, yang Wei begins to believe a destiny. "Before a few years he does not believe this, but perhaps was to experience too much setback, champion is looked at to escape beside below the case that takes actor in actual strength especially, begin him to believe a destiny a bit from last year so. Before going this, he let my mom knit a sweater to him designedly, he himself also says, actual strength arrived early, see lot. " after Yang Yun retired last year, the relation of she and friend of Yang Wei men and women was made public, at present two people had seen the parents of the other side, and be in Beijing 3 annulus bought a house on the west.

Cummer ring 28 oneself are bought

Yang Yun still divulges two people are preliminary the plan marries after 8 years of Olympic Games. In the network interview of not long ago, the netizen asks the ring that wears on Yang Yun hand is Yang Wei those who send? Oneself spend 28 money to buy answer of result poplar cloud says, the Yang Wei on the side interrupts, "Am we to do not have money now? Come to an agreement or understanding wait for me to take gold buy 80 thousand yuan to you! " the fact is, love does not have valence, the ring that nevertheless Olympic Games gold exchanged 2008 is affirmative also and more than 80 thousand yuan. (Bafon/ article) (article origin: Netease recreation)
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