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Board the plane the passenger installs check to need shoe and leather belt too

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Dispatch of Nanning evening paper (Li Xiaoli of Zhan Xicai of reporter Fu Qinglong's reporter's trainee) be produced to strengthen wealth of air defence, country and the safety of passenger of wide Mahayana plane, the reporter understands from International Airport of Nanning Wu Wei yesterday, since April 15, be in by the passenger that sets out by air from Nanning airport when passing safe inspection door, must accept shoe and desquamate belt self-consciously to check, and can carry a portable article only board the plane.

Yesterday, before inspection door of safety of International Airport of Nanning Wu Wei, its remind not tire of of safe examination staff consciousness of passenger of wide Mahayana plane takes off the carpet before the shoe enters safe inspection door irritatedly, put the shoe model to expect to undertake X smooth machine passes check inside basket, to plunging into the guest that has leather belt, safe examination staff also asks unship leather belt puts X smooth machine to pass check. To what International Airport of Nanning Wu Wei carries out this installs complete new move, most passenger expresses to understand and support, but also a few passenger is accepted hard, and still have individual passenger rage, express to pay no attention to solution to installing check, safe examination staff does good explanation patiently to work on the spot.

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