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Rain is brushed, engine leather belt, tire buys stock car to want particularly a

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Nowadays, car of reduction sale stock already made the new measure that person of car business assemble enrages, however the stock car backside of these sell like hot cakes also is put in many problems, especially individual car business is a few righter leave factory period more than two years the stock car of above was not done regularly maintain, make these cars are put in a few recessive problems more or less.

Like old money Pasate is mixed group power abstruse stock car, sell goods quickly in a few inn, because they are compared new the car that leave factory is inexpensive 10 thousand yuan of above. The car produces manufacturer to upset the market, often adopt exterior of litre of grading buy, face changing lacquer, change, change

The means such as interior trim will roll out upgrade newly edition model, once new fund appears on the market, old money makes stock car likely. This year January, the produced 2003 POLO that appears on Hangzhou market and the treasure that produced 2004 come, belong to the car of this kind of property.

According to connoisseur introduction, stock car is put in commonly outdoor, maintaining, below unused circumstance, tire is met ageing, storage battery, rain is blown implement performance characteristics also can be reduced. Shanghai masses Zhejiang sells the market ministry plum director says, at present the country was not put to garage period make specific provision. Tell from morality and justice, car business should tell consumer clearly this car is stock car, put how long probably, let consumer psychology prepares, blow to storage battery, rain implement, engine oil such fragile, should change entirely when the client is bought more.

How should that consumer choose inventory vehicle? Plum the director says, the time that stock car should deposit only is not train in excess specified length, generally speaking the question won't be too big, can choose according to the same method that chooses new car. But the expert warns customer, when buying stock car, should notice to check balata whether to have ageing appearance, basically be to see rain brush, the place such as engine leather belt, tire; Whether does examination storage battery have a problem (it is normal that green light expresses, grey lamp expresses abnormal) ; Actuate engine, whether does unusual situation appear when check looks up his to run; Check looks up the date of production with specific car. Had better be to ask a major repairs personnel or travel help chooses a vehicle inside the car.

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