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Computer and leather belt

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Want computer or want leather belt, this is a problem. What to want after all, need looks is to be inside what environment.

I encountered such choice today, when confusing those who confuse glare glare to left the country from Alamutu at 3 o'clock in before dawn, after border land official asks every man comes to leather belt unship, through installing check gate. After I am passed, frontier department is gone to by the side of leather belt in go. What brain thinks is to must not let a foreigner feel the Chinese does not have quality, the edge walks along an edge to fasten leather belt. Forget the computer of the unit on edge check stage actually, thanks to of Beijing TV station forest elder sister sends my computer to me, avoided my loss. , thank again here forest elder sister.

Those who make me more ashamed is the Guo Jun that comes from contest newspaper, it is to face the problem that want computer or wants leather belt likewise. What he chooses is the computer that protects good unit, forgot the trousers without leather belt right-down. Ashamed ah ashamed!

Fortunately computer and leather belt are in now, I also was at ease. If ask I am the issue that want computer or wants leather belt again, I can choose to want. Determined want.

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