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Can bend like leather belt! NEC is pushed exceed opportunity of alluring and new

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Although say major notional mobile phone to be able to not appear on the market finally certainly, but the way that through these notional mobile phones we can see prospective mobile phone develops it seems that, meanwhile to mobile phone manufacturer, notional mobile phone also is the products plan capacity that has to oneself place and technical capability reveal best.

Below the mobile phone with this very special appearance is by Japanese NEC company newest the mobile phone of a concept that roll out, what the engineers according to introducing NEC use on this mobile phone is a kind of balata stuff that has memory, accordingly you can change the form of the mobile phone at will as your be fond of.

If if you need,from the picture we can see, can choose to pester this mobile phone to go up in his hand like watch, the indication screen that at the same time we can see this mobile phone also is had likewise be out of shape ability.

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