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Rose of reference news of 2.14 lovers give sb a present, leather belt, water mac

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Expressive wish: Loving you intently.

Historical origin: A bit common having a place, set, but long-tested after all, the effect still has safeguard...

Backside story: Actually I want to send her 999 roses, but just also go since Demaide!

True setting: Warm suddenly cold still spring night, ramble is on park alley, street lamp helps our reflection very longly. At this moment, scamper about of a girl comes to us before, say sweetly: "Eldest brother, you are really inherent a pair, mai Zhihua sends an elder sister! " I draw out 10 money, say liberally: "Need not search. " next odd genu falls on his knees, raise the flower... she deeply ground of charming be ashamed says: "Be fed up with, fast rise, the family agreed. " Ye! Success!

Sincerity cost: Every time we enter a park, a gang child surrounds come up: "Uncle, uncle, buy bundle of flower. " " buy me, buy me... " I place a hand to say to be not bought, be distained by them: "Be persnickety! Must bubble remove small honey to still can not afford a flower? " " you old ugly, who if do not have money,looks to go up you ah? " she leaves in anger, I want to chase after, be held in arms by that side child however the leg is not put...

Bitter lesson: When going out again next time, pull two hedgehog belt to be beside, see them still dare come over to hold my leg in the arms!

Electronic rose

Expressive wish: The rose represents my heart, I love you, report you! Electrocution you!

Historical origin: The advanced experience that allegedly this is abroad...

Backside story: 10 the rose is the cheapest yuan, and my pocket has 33 only...

True setting: Put through MM phone, I (tender ground) : "Love, celebrate a festival today, I should give you a surprise! " MM (distain) : "Cut, skint, ask my corruption at most! " I: "That many common, know, I should send you 999 flowers... " MM interrupts: "Stop, fried dough twist! You spent 5 money to send me 3 last year! You spent 5 money to send me 3 last year!!

I (a chain of Zhou Xing gallop type laugh) : "My London from France (intended missay) airborne 999 Gong Mei rare... " phone that, the shriek of lacerate vast sky, it is the chair casts falling tone next, after a minute (estimate faint of MM of this paragraph of time) : "Be in... where? " I (complacent) : "Open QQ! "Open QQ!!

MM consciousness has not regain consciousness, open QQ mechanically, immediately is transmitted cough frowzily, MM is nodded chronically, show in her before is: Bright red...

Sincerity cost: My pocket, still have 33...

Experience communication: Economic material benefit, e times is the most applicable.

Abreact ball

Expressive wish: The standard is cruel cummer, one grouchy take my vent one's anger, often be green on my body together, violet together, hope she has this to abreact after the ball, can decrease to be mistreated to mine.

Historical origin: See on TV this plants popularity now toy, modelling 100 change, OK and aleatoric beat, accomplished truly via pulling via dragging, via kicking classics kick... I developed small vendor's stand to buy immediately a dozen!
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