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The passenger pretends to leather belt ahead has bomb 5 days are waited for in t

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On March 28, because one male passenger is in big talk beauty orchid the mouth when the International Airport installs check too not choose character, pretend to there is bomb on the body, by big talk administration of police station of airport of substation of public security of airport of United States orchid is detained.

This passenger that is detained is surnamed prevent, 44 years old, person of Zhejiang peaceful wave, it is with the family the person joins a group to travel to Hainan together this, as it happens takes HU7443 airliner to come home today. Midday 14 when make, prevent gentleman and its family in big talk beauty orchid airport awaits machine building to do appropriate board the plane formalities, queue up to pass the mouth that install check. What carry out bureau of Chinese civil aviation strictly as a result of close recently airport is new install check to make, affected a passenger to bring the schedule of check too, prevent the gentleman queues up some are impatient, when passing the door that install check warning apparatus rings, when the airport installs check to undertake installing check to its by the program, prevent the chatelaine head place that the gentleman cooperates an examination to do not have ground of good energy of life to pointing to his at the same time at the same time tells: "There is bomb here! " the airport of high vigilance installs check personnel to control its at once, turn over airport police processing subsequently.

Reached the airport police station, prevent gentleman this ability regrets incessantly, the leather belt in advance that says oneself repeatedly does not have bomb absolutely, at that time that is to say word of a fun. But law is callosity, airport police passes investigation, basis " public security management sanctions a method " regulation, place detain 5 days with administration.

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